In Like a Lion

It’s the first of March. The snow started in Springfield late Saturday afternoon, and was tapering off this morning. As of around noon it looked like we’re about done. At 9 p.m. Saturday, I measured 2″ of snow in my driveway and on my sidewalks. I had forecast 4″ by morning, 6″ total for the snow event. While I didn’t say it, I was thinking there would be isolated areas of 7″ in Springfield. Possibly a little more in east central Illinois.

It looks like that may indeed be the case. I haven’t been out to measure yet, but when I fire up the snow blower this afternoon, I’ll take my measuring tape along and catch some measurements. The technique for measurement is to find 3 representative areas, free from drifting and from being blown away. You measure those 3 areas, and take the average. Measurement by “eyeball” from inside the house looks like around 7″ here.

Here’s a bit of good news: Temperatures look like they’ll be warming on Tuesday. The forecast models are hinting upper 40’s, but I think they’re failing to include the fact that some of that radiation will be going to melting the snow instead of heating the air. So, at this point I’m thinking 40-42 for the highs. The problem is, there’s more precip in the forecast and it looks to me like most of it will be in the form of rain which will freeze against the cold surfaces. Then it goes cold again with Tuesday night’s low dipping down into the low single digits. Will this never end?

Yes!  It will!

Once we get past Thursday, the cold pattern breaks and we’ll get a few days of highs into the 40’s! Overnight lows still will drop below freezing, but the daytime highs will feel almost balmy compared to what we’ve been dealing with.

And it’s NEXT Saturday night (technically 2 a.m. Sunday,) we turn our clocks ahead one hour for daylight saving time…until next November. I was going to do a rant on global climate change, but I think I’ll give my blood pressure a little rest today.

Stay warm!


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