You Trippin’?

   If you’re considering some sort of vacation this summer & don’t have a location in mind, you might consider southwest Florida. Yes, it will be hot then. But the breeze off the Gulf of Mexico will make it more comfortable, and the water temperature should be pleasant, as well. Now, I’m not selling something. I don’t work for the tourism board, I’m just offering some info to my blog readers in the event you’re looking for a good deal.
   Allegiant Airlines is running a special right now, flying out of Springfield (free parking) into Punta Gorda, Florida, which is about 20 miles or so north of Fort Myers. You’ll need a rental car, which I suggest packaging with your airfare. It’s a considerable savings.
   I picked a couple of random dates in August and found round trip airfare, taxes & fees for TWO at about $306. Makes for cheap travel. Now, keep in mind that Allegiant charges $50 EACH WAY for your checked suitcase…and that’s only up to 40 pounds. Here’s the catch…you also have to pay for a “carry on.” Personal item which goes under the seat is free. They also charge you to choose your seat in advance. I think it’s like $17 per seat, per flight. Now we’re talking some add-on. But if that doesn’t matter to you, skip that part. It’s also cheaper to pay for your baggage when you book, rather than at check-in.
   Even with one bag at $50 each way…$406 for two people round trip is a pretty good price. Add to that the fact that you get in the airplane at Springfield, and in about 2 hours & 20 minutes, you’re in Punta Gorda. 
   There’s lots to do in SWFL and I’m sure the tourism sites will point you the right way. Also, you don’t have to stay at a beach hotel. You can find more economical places away from the beach, and just drive there. Oh, and there are plenty of great bars for happy hour, and more.
   Just a tip, in the event you’re looking for something in the way of a fun getaway this summer. Oh, and if you fall in love with SWFL, I can give you the name of a Ft. Myers Beach Realtor who’d be glad to sell you a permanent residence. Just send me a private e-mail and I’ll give you the name.


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