A week after I retired, we took a little trip to Florida. Spent a couple of nights at Ft. Myers Beach, then off to Key West for an airshow with the US Navy Blue Angels. After that, back to Ft. Myers and home.

It was a great way to celebrate my retirement. While we were having the complimentary continental breakfast at one of the places we stayed, I overheard this guy who was obviously out of work, complaining to no end. Now, this place was about $90 a night, so he must have some sort of income stream.

While he was talking about work, he told the couple at the table with him that he’d love to be a teacher. Now, I think teachers are overworked and underpaid. In many schools, they’re even disrespected and abused by the parents of student…not everywhere, but in many schools. Teachers work hard to get their teaching certificate, and have to keep up with continuing education.

Now comes the source of my frustration. Here’s this guy who aspires to teach. What stood out was his comments about the lack of assurance of employment. His quote, “…then, I seen it don’t guarantee you no job.”

Is it no wonder this guy isn’t working? When I spoke to kids on careers, I used to tell them, no matter what they’re planning to do with their lives, LEARN TO PROPERLY USE THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE. It will serve you well all your life.

Thank you for putting up with this rant.



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